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What are the system requirements to run Area9 Rhapsode™?


In general, we support the two latest versions of major browsers:

  • IE11
  • Edge
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Systems Requirements

  • Win8+ with 4GB+ RAM
  • macOS 10.13+ with 4GB+ RAM
  • Android 8+ with 2GB+ RAM
  • iOS 11+ with 2GB+ RAM

Screen Sizes

While the system will run in smaller screen sizes, these are the recommended minimum sizes for the best experience:

  • Area9 Rhapsode Curator™ - 13" (bigger is better as it makes content creation easier)
  • Area9 Rhapsode Educator™ - 10" (tablet) or higher
  • Area9 Rhapsode Learner™ - 4" (mobile) or higher