Does Area9 Rhapsode™ support SCORM?

Yes. Area9 Rhapsode™ supports SCORM 1.2 / 2004 4th edition

Content created in Area9 Rhapsode can be served to external LMS’s via Scorm 1.2 + 2004 4th edition.

However the feature to ingest external Scorm packages “Scorm Consumer Probe” into Rhapsode only supports Scorm Packages in the Scorm 1.2 format.


Area9 Rhapsode™ supports SCORM 1.2 / 2004 4th edition and uses the following data elements:

Student ID (cmi.core.student_id)
Student Name (cmi.core.student_name)
Student Language (cmi.student_preference.language)
Core Entry (cmi.core.entry)
Core Exit (cmi.core.exit)
Core Entry (
Lesson Status (cmi.core.lesson_status)
Lesson Mode (cmi.core.lesson_mode)
Raw Score (cmi.core.score.raw)
Maximum Score (cmi.core.score.max)
Minimum Score (cmi.core.score.min)
Session Time (cmi.core.session.time)
Suspend Data (cmi.suspend_data)


Data Element Explanation
Student ID A unique identifier passed to Rhapsode from the LMS for the learner who launched the SCO. Typically the email address.
Student Name [Optional] Name of the learner who launched the SCO.
Student Language [Optional] Preferred language of the learner.
Core Entry Indicates whether the learner as previously launched this SCO.
Core Exit Is always set to the value “suspend”.
Lesson Status Indicates whether the learner has completed and satisfied the requirements for the SCO. Value is either “passed” or “incomplete”.  (“completed”, “failed”, “browsed”, and “not attempted” are not used.)
Lesson Mode Identifies one of three possible modes (“browse”, “normal”, “review”) in which the SCO may be presented to the learner. “Browse and “Review” modes not supported.
Raw Score A number that reflects the performance of the learner relative to the range bounded by the values of min and max.
Maximum Score The maximum score possible. It is always 100.
Minimum Score The minimum score possible. It is always zero.
Session Time The time that the learner is active in the module(s), excluding time on the learner dashboard.
Suspend Data A unique identifier created by Rhapsode.


NB: Area9 Rhapsode feature to ingest Scorm packages, Scorm Consumer Probe, only supports Scorm 1.2