What do my students see when they access Rhapsode Learner™ for the first time?

It is up to you! Creating and customizing student instructions in Rhapsode Curator™

This article walks through different options for creating student instructions for purchasing Rhapsode Learner™ Access Cards. NOTE: In this article the Learning Management System (LMS) we are using is Canvas but know the process is the same for any LMS.


  1. Sign into Rhapsode Curator, select the Hamburger Menu and then navigate to Content Packages

  2. Click the pencil icon (edit button) on your Content Package (if you have multiple Content Packages you can search by clicking the search icon in the upper right corner)

  3. Scroll Down to Encryption, make sure “Encrypt Content Package” is enabled
  4. Draft the instructions you would like your students to see when they click on Rhapsode for the first time

  5. Click Save

  6. Deploy the Content Package


What your students see when they access Rhapsode through their LMS:

After clicking on an assignment they will see the Rhapsode dashboard, inside their LMS:

When they click on their first Rhapsode assignment the instructions you created will populate:


Watch the Video Walkthrough of the Above Process: