How to Verify a Rhapsode Learner™ / Package Access Code

Access codes allow students to access Rhapsode Learner™. Sometimes students have issues with entering an incorrect digit on their codes, using the wrong email or simply putting the code in the wrong place.

Steps to Verify a Rhapsode Learner™ Access Code:

  1. Ensure the student gave the correct code. Area9 codes tart with a “P” and is a total of 12 characters. Example: PTC9N8P8F1N9
  2. Copy the code and log into Rhapsode Curator™ and select Verify Access Code
  3. Paste the access code in the pop-up that appears on the screen. Click the Verify button
  4. After you verify, a different pop-up will appear with the access codes information

Pay attention to the following:

    1. Used: Has this code been used/activated 
    2. Can be used: If not used, this will read “Yes” and if used will read “No
    3. Expiration Date: This would be a temp access code at the beginning of semesters that is used until financial aid can kick in. NOTE: We create these once per semester by demand.
    4. Package Details and the Batch Details 

Need to create a new access code? View this article: Can I Control Access to Area9 Rhapsode Learner™ Using Access Codes?