Does Rhapsode Learner™ Integrate with my Learning Management System (LMS)?

Yes! You can pair your Rhapsode Learner™ course with your LMS by using LTI. The following articles walk through how to pair Rhapsode Learner™ with different Learning Management Systems (LMS)

  1. Pairing Rhapsode Learner™ with Canvas Using LTI Integration
  2. Pairing Rhapsode Learner™ with Blackboard Using LTI Integration (coming soon!)
  3. Pairing Rhapsode Learner™ with Moodle Using LTI Integration (coming soon!)



Before starting the pairing process, you will need to generate a Published Learning Package in Rhapsode Curator™ (or have a Published Learning Package, sample below)

When the file is open it looks like this:

Go to article How Do I Generate a Published Learning Package to learn more.