Can I Control Access to Area9 Rhapsode Learner™ Using Access Codes?

Yes! This article walks through how to generate Rhapsode Learner™ access codes and best practices.

  1. Log into Rhapsode Curator™
  2. Click the hamburger menu in the upper left corner and select Content Packages.

  3. Click the pencil icon (edit button) on your Content Package (if you have multiple Content Packages you can search by clicking the search icon in the upper right corner)

  4. Turn on Content Package Encryption (or confirm it has been turned on).  Access Codes are ​enabled by first turning on encryption on a Content Package​. If this step is not completed, the Create Package Access Code dialog box will show an error message. 

  5. Once encryption is turned on, enter any student facing details you would like to give to detail student’s options for purchasing and redeeming their access code. (See this article for additional information: What do my students see when they access Rhapsode Learner™ for the first time?)
  6. Click SAVE and return to the Content Package listings. Click the kebab menu (three dots menu) for the Content Package you would like to generate access codes for; then select Go to Access Codes.

  7. Click the + button 

  8. Configure to the settings of your preference and navigate to the bottom of the pop-up screen where you will click the + button to add access codes.
  9. Specify additional details (like an expiration date) around how many access codes you would like generated and hit create. 
  10. Now that your codes have been generated, there are different options for distribution. The most popular is copying the codes and pasting into a spreadsheet for distribution.


    Watch the Video Walkthrough:

    Download the access codes detailed guide to learn more: