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Is there evidence that adaptive learning works?

Yes. For more than 20 years, Area9 Lyceum has been dedicated to helping our partners and clients find the best solution to deliver personalized learning at scale. Below are a collection of research articles and case studies.

Research article from 06-21-2021
Internal medicine residents who used NEJM Knowledge+ see improvements in scores in their In-Training Exam and survey feedback was favorable.
Research article from 09-15-2020
Physicians who used NEJM Knowledge+ had significantly better performance on their ABIM Internal Medicine exams than well-matched controls.
Research article from 06-08-2018
This study anonymously surveyed 4,400 NEJM Knowledge+ users between 2015 and 2017 to determine their level of satisfaction with NEJM Knowledge+ and their board-exam passage rate:
Research article from 11-11-2019
This study examined a large ~160 internal medicine residents training program that previously had poor In-Training Exam results, significantly improved results; the data was collected over 8 years:

NEJM editorial from 04-24-2014
Clinical Chemistry editorial from 12-01-2018
NEJM editorial from 04-18-2019
McGraw-Hill Education Study Shows Significant Improvement in Student Outcomes through Adaptive Technology
Visit the Area9 Lyceum Case Studies webpage to learn more.