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Is there evidence that adaptive learning works?

Research article from 06-21-2021
Internal medicine residents who used NEJM Knowledge+ see improvements in scores in their In-Training Exam and survey feedback was favorable.
Research article from 09-15-2020
Physicians who used NEJM Knowledge+ had significantly better performance on their ABIM Internal Medicine exams than well-matched controls.
Research article from 06-08-2018
This study anonymously surveyed 4,400 NEJM Knowledge+ users between 2015 and 2017 to determine their level of satisfaction with NEJM Knowledge+ and their board-exam passage rate:
Research article from 11-11-2019
This study examined a large ~160 internal medicine residents training program that previously had poor In-Training Exam results, significantly improved results; the data was collected over 8 years:

NEJM editorial from 04-24-2014
Clinical Chemistry editorial from 12-01-2018
NEJM editorial from 04-18-2019