I can’t register for the COVID-19 course

Check your spam folder for the verification email, or use a different email address.

If you are trying to access either our COVID-19 course for healthcare professionals or the version for general workers and you run into problems, firstly check you going to the correct location:

If the web page or Area9 Rhapsode™ is not responding:

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to our Free COVID-19 courses, the servers get overloaded occasionally. Please be patient with us and check back in an hour or so. We are working hard to upgrade servers fast enough to meet demand.

If you do not receive your verification email:

First, check your spam folder.

If the email is not in your spam folder, it is because the email from us has been blocked before it reached your mailbox. In this case, unless your IT department can whitelist our Rhapsode.com domain, you will need to use a personal email address. We are also adding the option to sign in with Google or Facebook.